We Magazine 19
(A)nimation - (I)nteractive - (V)ideo

moundsville-code-curtain (plays best in firefox)

Jim Andrews (I)
db cinema

CamillE Bacos (V)
The Energy Church Hath No Successor

Sandy Baldwin (V)
Peach Boy Says

Augusto de Campos (V)

Caterina Davinio (V)
UFOp (Unidentified Flying Poetry Object, 1999)

Orquestra Descarrego (V)
2007 Jam (.wmv file) (see end of movie for credits)

Chris Funkhouser
Aleatory Constellation

Jeremy Hight (I)
error image
Right as Rain

Justin Katko (V)
Please eat yourself

Jason Nelson (I)
locomotive and creatures
this will be the end of you: ending7: genetic code
another emotion

Clemente Padín (V)
Homenaje al Cuadrado

Gerald Schwartz (I)
The Marsh (under construction)

Alan Sondheim
Snippet (long load time - but worth it)

Lawrence Upton (A)
Naming for Adrian Clarke
explanation of works included in we 19


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