NOTE ON MIGRATION OF FILES FROM SOUNDBOX TO PENNSOUND: Several recordings that initially appeared here are now included in PennSound's archive. Follow these links to recordings of Amiri Baraka, Charles Bernstein, Kamau Brathwaite, Johanna Drucker, Ed Sanders, and more.


Geof Huth cassette circa 1989, partly a submission to a We Magazine audio magazine

Anne Waldman recorded at SUNY-Albany 14 November 1996

Andy Clausen BLINDLEMONPOZOR&THELEMONADE was released on cassette by We Press (1991); Girassol session recorded to MiniDisc on my 40th birthday (2004)

Amiri Baraka Dodge Poetry Festival lecture and panel presentation location was Waterloo Village, Byrum, NJ (19 September 2002); Press Conference and Speech location was Newark Public Library (02 October 2002); "Somebody Blew Up America" was recorded at Baraka’s home (Summer 2003); Amiri & Amina Baraka with Blue Ark was recorded at Skipper’s Pub, Newark (26 January 2010). I will add the Blue Ark personnel anon.

Cecil Taylor, poetry reading (with David Henderson) recorded at St. Mark's Church (12 March 1997); music performance with group recorded at Village Vanguard, first set (1 April 1995). I have some of David's reading too, but not yet in digital form. I was making a recording of Cecil's 2nd set at the Vanguard that night when a waitress confiscated the tape from me; she had been tipped off by a Cornell University music prof (who I had actually met before, when Cecil was in residence there), who told her I was making an unauthorized recording. Somehow I managed to convince her I hadn't recorded the first set! Afterwards, Cecil told me they had given the tape to him, & he was glad to have it!

Chris Funkhouser recorded at ELO Offsite reading, Flaxman Library, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (10 January 2014); work from Polar Vorticism series recorded at Girassol, Frelinghuysen, NJ (February 2014)

David Cope, Steven Taylor, Steve Silberman, and others, tuning Campion late at night (with an appearance by Allen Ginsberg), recorded at Varsity Townhouses, Boulder, CO (July 1987)

Electronic Literature Organization MLA Offsite reading with Abraham Avnisan, Leonardo Flores, Christopher Funkhouser, Dene Grigar, Marjorie Luesebrink, Judd Morrissey, Scott Rettberg, Stephanie Strickland, Zach Whalen, Roger Whitson, & Rob Wittig, recorded at Flaxman Library, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (10 January 2014)

Johanna Drucker at Princeton, Remediating the Avant-Garde: Magazines and Digital Archives  conference (25 October 2013)

Electronic Literature after Flash roundtable at Modern Language Association convention, with Mark Sample, Chris Funkhouser, Dene Grigar, Zach Whalen, Mark Marino, Leonardo Flores, Stuart Moulthrop, recorded at MLA convention Chicago (11 January 2014)

Rickie Lee Jones recorded at the Historic Blairstown Theatre, Blairstown, NJ (12 October 2013)

Bob Bradley & Chris Funkhouser interview Salem 66 (for WTJU) after a set at Rockitz, Richmond, VA (5 June 1985)

The Fugs (Ed Sanders, Steven Taylor, Coby Batty, Scott Petito) recorded at Tuli Kupferberg's 90th birthday celebration, Sidewalk Café, NYC (28 September 2013)

mIEKAL aND, liz was, Chris Funkhouser, Liazon Wakest improvisation recorded on State St., Albany, NY after the New Coast Festival (April 1993)

Charles Bernstein recorded at Banff Art Centre during In(ter)ventions—Literary Practice At The Edge: A Gathering (February 2010)

Kamau Brathwaite recorded during the Between Caliban and Sycorax: Kamau Brathwaite and Caribbean Culture symposium, NYU (December 2000)

Ed Sanders recorded at SUNY-Albany (Spring 1997)

mIEKAL aND, liz was, Liazon Wakest recorded at The New Coast Festival, SUNY-Buffalo (March 1993). I have made mp3s of the entire proceedings of the festival, though they haven't been made available yet.

Ted Nelson recorded at Codework (National Science Foundation Workshop), West Virginia University (April 2008)

Katie Yates with Kurt Lohr and John Malboeuf recorded live at/on WRPI, Troy, NY (Winter 1994). This recording may have previously been released on cassette by Boog Lit.

Eugenio Tisselli recorded at Girassol, 15 February 2014

thelemonade "Just Do It" recorded as part of the antonio sessions, August 1991, produced by Steven Taylor; Stephen Cope (guitar), Karl Daegling (drums & digeridoo sample), Chris Funkhouser (vocal).

Wrestling Worms: Alex Candelaria (guitar), Graham Connah (keys), Eric Curkendall (vocals), Karl Daegling (bass), Rich West (drums) recorded at Cafe Cameleon, Santa Cruz, 12/16/89

Maggie Estep performance recorded at Lollapalooza Festival's Revival Tent, Saratoga Springs, NY, 2 August 1994

Jonathan Segel's band (Segel on guitar, violin, vocal; Mark Landsman, bass; Sean Kennerly, guitar; Tom Yoder, trombone; Dave Shamrock, drums) recorded at Cafe Camelon, Santa Cruz, 16 December 1989.

Andy Clausen (poet) with thelemonade (Cope, Daegling, Funkhouser) recorded at We Magazine Issue 14 CD release party, Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, 2 May 1991

Alan Sondheim recorded at 123 Pleasant, Morgantown, WV, 23 April 2003

Chris Funkhouser / James Keepnews "Sculpting in Time" radio performance on WRPI (Troy, NY) 30 June 1997

In 1995 Belle Gironda, Ben Henry, & I co-edited The Little Magazine, Vol. 21 (cd-rom); in March 2014 I located the media files on the disc & will present some of them here. Ben Friedlander recorded in Buffalo, 1995.

use this link for detailed information (liner notes) for We Magazine Issue 11 and xv

A number of recordings I've made over the years can be found on this page (& other places) at PennSound

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